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Hearing Test, Hearing Aids, & Hearing Solutions Find Everything You Need for Better Hearing.

We’re here to do one thing—to help you and or your loved ones hear better and get more out of life. Everything we do is focused on that one aim, from the staff we hire, our knowledge and skills, our hearing tests, the brands we select and the expert fitting of your hearing aid. It’s all to help your hearing problems..

We specialise in hearing tests for all ages, and have recently introduced the VROA for  infants starting from 7mths to 3yrs of age, children from 3yrs & older are tested by special techniques and equipment by our highly trained Audiologists.

We offer a wide range of solutions and it is important to remember that there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” Just as each person’s hearing loss is different, so are each individual’s listening needs and preferences. What works for your neighbour, friend or family member may not be appropriate for you.

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